Something really bad happened to us....
I caught her sleepwalking...
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He Left Me...
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He never told me this...
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Maddie woke up with THIS...
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We Can't Do This Anymore.
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She won't sleep with me anymore
Elijah was possessed...
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We Caught The Ghost On Camera..
Our Ghost Experience. *CREEPY*
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I missed her so much...
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I would like to see maddie crying
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Love you guys So much #TEAMELIJAHALLDAYEVERYDAY Elijah you got to come back Stronger
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Lmao maddie called elijah ma'am. you can tell it's cuz he just called her homie and she relates "homie" to being a male.
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I love these kind of videos Maddie and Elijah. Also is there an update on the weird paranormal stuff that's going on at your house? Love you guys so much and of course I can't forget little Hua. #TeamMaddie. Are you guys uploading anymore paranormal videos still Maddie and Elijah? I love watching all of your paranormal videos you guys upload.
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His reaction during the whole video and the part where he hits his head on the laptop. Very funny!!!😂😂
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When elijah hit his head from the laptop that scene was so funny
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notifications been on😎 but poor elijah, i hope your heads ok LOL (my names yuh-cen-e-yuh)
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When maddie said she's getting ready for bed and he said "Huh?!"... I just DIED right there! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️ Love you guys! ❤️❤️
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Praying for y'all stay safe
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Broooo I’m dying laughing 💀🤣. Your commentary is so savage! You know you love it 😎! Her personality shows so much through this video! I’m trying to watch every one of y’all’s videos. These beginning videos really are so sweet. Love y’all! ❤️❤️❤️
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No! 12:19 I feel bad for laughing forgive me 😂😔
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I have been waiting for maddie to get elijah and she got him sooo goood!❤️ love you guys both!❤️
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This was a great video I love you guys and maddie is so pretty 😍 team maddie ❤❤❤💖
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Lol Maddie can't be teasing Elijah like that. Not cool lol.
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Lol i need a new dentist. My dentist don't ever check my eyes.
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If you guys remember me . .Heya! I'm Finally commenting again! 🥰 Aw this was cute. E's reactions was priceless here, and how quickly he catched on, But um . OUCH Holy @#&$! That Laptop accident I hope you put some Ice on that Like Jeez Bruh😬 Also . .Wow that food looks tasty, and Pool looks relaxing* I never actually been to swimming before but sounds nice,* I don't like water in my eyes though .. * Y'all really living the California Vibes I See! That's what's Up! 😎 Eye Contacts . .I always wonder how y'all can handle them. . the Idea of ..stabbing my eyeball to put on or take out Lens Frightens me Highkey I wanna say don't try but if E says it's not that bad*Because He'sused to them Easier 😏* then i don't see why not If you REALLY want too It' look Cute in you. *Me on the other hand Avoiding them like the Covid. Lmao. Imma go #TEAMMADDIE for this one, this Prank was really good!*Don't worry E I'll skde with your next prank I promise!* Love u guys❤❤
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I think we all know what happened after :))) love youuu guys ❤️
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Yooooooo when maddie looked at the camera🤣😂🤣😂
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I really enjoy watching all your videos. Lots of love. ❤️..
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Bro, I didn’t even noticed when I got use to the brown, and short hair… Looking good 😜
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You should get the glasses that Just fit on your nose that don't have the rubber or plastic things where the glasses lay on your nose. I get those type of glasses and bam, NOT a single mark on either side of my nose. It took me years for me to convince my mom to get those types of gasses. Best thing I ever did.
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Favorite couple 💑♥ The reason I watch you tube
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Yeah Maddie you’ll totally be fine. I wear contacts too and in the beginning it seemed kinda hard, but once you get used to the repetition of putting them in and taking them out you’ll be a-ok.
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A little dirty thoughts karma at the end. 😂
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rip the back of the head hahaha
jasmanjot kaur
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Yes you would be able to handle the contacts maddie you'll do great🥰 go get them its a necessity ♥️
meg lbrn
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Honestly, Elijah, your smile is so cute and unique, you don’t need to change anything!
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Maddie and Elijah
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Hey if you don’t have anything nice to say, please don’t comment at all. This comment section should be a safe, positive place ❤️
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10:45 YOUR REACTION, I laughed so much
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Maddie check your DMs my name is Lintz on Instagram #Idea
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Can I get a notification shoutout notifications are on love you guyss❤❤
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Also I’m an optometric technician and I would recommend daily contacts you put a fresh pair in everyday also contacts can’t go in the back of your eye and it get lost, only so much of the eyeball is exposed and if it does happen to not sit right an optometrist can help you and take them out, you just have to be comfortable with touching your eye!
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