A New Chapter.

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Maddie and Elijah

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A New Chapter of Our Lives... We love you guys.
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Jack tasticTv
Jack tasticTv 27 ימים לפני
Who else is nervous about their relationship??
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton חודש לפני
That’s cool 😎
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith חודש לפני
Why tf would you move to California. It’s literally borderline communism and expensive as heeeel. guarantee y’all will be out of here in two years.
Lenard Mayfield
Lenard Mayfield חודש לפני
Millie Tulloch
Millie Tulloch חודש לפני
Yup I watch you guys and your videos come out at about 1am lol 😁
Millie Tulloch
Millie Tulloch חודש לפני
Fun fact I started watching you guys at the start of 2018 and now it’s 2021 😁😁
shania barber
shania barber חודש לפני
Notifications are on, love you guys sm 💕
Sarah Louise
Sarah Louise חודש לפני
I've had my notifications on for such a long time now I absolutely love you both I always let the videos build up before watching them so it's more entertaining 🥰🥰
Kajal Singh
Kajal Singh חודש לפני
I'm not feeling single after seeing you 😊 Meddie and Elijah I love you 💕💖
Caitlin Gartland
Caitlin Gartland חודש לפני
I am in Great Britain so my time zone is really really different and it’s worth waiting up for your videos. Notifications always on. Take care x
Akeera and Ashley
Akeera and Ashley חודש לפני
They should make a cosmetic line. Like perfume and makeup and have a cotton candy collection
MG creations
MG creations חודש לפני
JADEN AND ALLY חודש לפני
I have had your notifications on for so long, more than 2 years ! I love watching your videos, and your my only couple I watch on ILfor because you guys are my favorite! The day I started watching your video, i loved them and I put your notifications on and subscribed to yall! I cant wait for a shoutout and I cant wait to meet yall!!!
Abid Butt
Abid Butt חודש לפני
Now u guys are looking young again I think elijah had a haircut his hair looks like when it was old videos I love this look of u both .....love u from the bottom of my heart💓🌈
Lyla Daniels
Lyla Daniels חודש לפני
i dont have Instagram nobody: Me: singing your intro at 4 am at the top of my lungs IVE BEEN IVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT YOU LOVE YOU GUUYYSSS TEAM MADDDIIEE ALL THE WAY you guys look AWSOME after the fillers
Jalissa Catherine
Jalissa Catherine חודש לפני
I would watch you guys everyday and ILfor just randomly stopped recommending videos from your channel & I just kind of slowly forgot but I see you guys have still been uploading consistently!! ILfor algorithm sucks!!! Lol
Shubhi Shukla
Shubhi Shukla חודש לפני
Finally thissss
Jessica Letts
Jessica Letts חודש לפני
When are you going to have a baby ?
AHMED ALRIYH חודש לפני
You learn something when I watch you make me see that relationships are wonderful ... If ... I hope we will be together forever .. Do not let differences separate you when anything happens. Remember that you love each other
Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown חודש לפני
That red lip looks fire maddie !
Nova חודש לפני
Can I just say how good you two look? You guys are matching, and I'm here for it. I also really love Elijah's shirt.
Nova חודש לפני
Hi Maddie and Elijah, omg. Thank you sooo much for this upload. I'm so excited about all the new things to come and the new vlogs we're going to be getting. I'm usually silent for commenting, but I will try to react more of my favorite moments. It still makes a part of my day when you guys have something up. I'm ready to go along with the journey. Can I say that when I first saw the video and especially at the beginning preview, I freaked out. Because hi, I'm the one who gifted you the gifts. I'm a few days late to react, but omg I just couldn't get myself to say anything because it just doesn't look real at all. I'm still at a complete loss, honestly 😭 The gift that was the first opened and had the gold Merry Christmas wrapping was from me. LIKE LEGIT, I was so ecstatic to see my gifts ended up on the camera. I would rewatch that part again and again, and it just made me really happy. Your guys' reactions are so priceless, and I can't believe you guys love it. I thought they were small, but you guys were just so excited. I just love everything about it. Like you guys were just on my screen, it's so hard to believe that it happened and that the stuff made it all the way over there. I find it so cute that Elijah just dangled the stuff in the air, I just couldn't get over it, and Hua playing with the plush heart keychain. Maddie just reading the card and even showed my little drawing is just soo precious, and even with Elijah and his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Just thank youuuu guys! I don't know what to say, but I really love you two and everything. My words can't be translated onto text, but I just hope that you know how much it means to me. I feel like I became closer to you guys, knowing how kind and amazing you two have been with everything. ❤️
theunderdogjoel חודש לפני
I subscribed and turned on the bell
Nova חודש לפני
Notifications are on, I love you guys
Jennifer Vincy
Jennifer Vincy חודש לפני
Notifications always on! Love ya❤
Mary Rose Banocnoc
Mary Rose Banocnoc חודש לפני
Hi I'm new here and from the very first time I watch your videos I love it and my notifications are on and I'm from the Philippines.... I love you guys, I love your videos 🤩🤩💗💗
charles paul
charles paul חודש לפני
You guys are the best thing happened to us....you give us happiness, fun ...I love you guys so so much and you're the best couple ever
Light Surely
Light Surely חודש לפני
Happy Holidays!
Riyan Kuldip
Riyan Kuldip חודש לפני
I kiss you Maddie😘😘😘
Aidan Fong
Aidan Fong חודש לפני
Erm UK Lockdown again
Cee And Tin
Cee And Tin חודש לפני
I know right! Hopefully we can use this year to be big and one day as big as them 😭🤞
nerea sanchis
nerea sanchis חודש לפני
post notifications always on! love you guys since 2018❤️ i can’t wait to meet you guys someday, my favorite people✨
Cee And Tin
Cee And Tin חודש לפני
They’re the best, hopefully one day we can be as big as them 😭🤞
sakshi Singh
sakshi Singh חודש לפני
Notifications on! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Cee And Tin
Cee And Tin חודש לפני
I wish one day we can be as big as them 🥺🤞
Mehak_ gupta197
Mehak_ gupta197 חודש לפני
U guys are very close to 2M ..... Congratulations in advance ... Love u guys , notifications always on ❤️
Josieturtle xox
Josieturtle xox חודש לפני
Notifications on. Loving your channel and the vibe ❤🐶
Stacy Wetenkamp
Stacy Wetenkamp חודש לפני
I followed my post notifications are on I love y’all so much I’ve been watching y’all sense 2008
Sophie Nemec
Sophie Nemec חודש לפני
My Neighbor Is Lawfully Hurting The Deers
Liza AGANAN חודש לפני
philippines here 🥰🥰
Crystal Rock
Crystal Rock חודש לפני
Why did I get a notification for this? I have never seen these people.
Terrence Smith
Terrence Smith חודש לפני
This guy is a total idiot
kassandra Broseus
kassandra Broseus חודש לפני
I miss when yall lived an hour away from me!
Kady alsarraj
Kady alsarraj חודש לפני
ur the cutest i love u both notifications are on duhhhh
Cee And Tin
Cee And Tin חודש לפני
Hopefully one day we can be as big as them 🥺🤞
kassandra Broseus
kassandra Broseus חודש לפני
Is it just me or is it time for a new 2021 intro
Cook Emotional
Cook Emotional חודש לפני
Anyone notice they are close to 2M yea🎉
Haha Fun
Haha Fun חודש לפני
Notification are turned on
Haha Fun
Haha Fun חודש לפני
When u announced this say Braxton cause that's my name
Robbie Morrison
Robbie Morrison חודש לפני
You guys are the best 💯
Cee And Tin
Cee And Tin חודש לפני
They are!! Hopefully one day we can grow our channel to be as big as theirs 🥺🤞💕
B with us
B with us חודש לפני
Please support our small channel ilfor.info/down/WOsMmauvgvDgpcVEWImRZw.html
Erica Clarke
Erica Clarke חודש לפני
I used to watch you all the time. Until my phone broke. And when I looked you up when I got a new one I couldn’t find your youtube until today!!! I subscribed and turned on post notifications again!!! Love you guys!!!
Sarah Reigns
Sarah Reigns חודש לפני
Hello 2021! Finally I hope that it will be better than 2020 really because 2020 was so badddd! I'm so excited to see it 2021 videoosss yesssssss 😍😍❤love u guyssss
ciara allen
ciara allen חודש לפני
i love you guys so much and have notifications on
Emma Tirlot
Emma Tirlot חודש לפני
Where did Elijah get that AMAZING Van Halen shirt?? Happy new year to you guys!
Caroline Crosswhite
Caroline Crosswhite חודש לפני
Hua is so cute 🥰
Caroline Crosswhite
Caroline Crosswhite חודש לפני
I love you Maddie and Elijah 💕
Aleshia McCoy
Aleshia McCoy חודש לפני
Feburary what???
KATYJx חודש לפני
I love you guys, notifications are on! Elijah you look a lot happier in yourself now ❤️
Ayesha Jaseem 1975393
Ayesha Jaseem 1975393 חודש לפני
Love youuu both 🥰
Murshida Alii
Murshida Alii חודש לפני
there's my favourite ILfor couple making me happy again❤️❤️
Sajida Hussain Hussain
Sajida Hussain Hussain חודש לפני
I'm from Pakistan .. I like your ideas love you
Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma חודש לפני
As soon as the notification shows up....❤️❤️#teamelijah
Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma חודש לפני
I just love how Maddie is excited for everything!!!
Lucy Burnett19
Lucy Burnett19 חודש לפני
keep smile and be safe you are amazing
Amina Mujahid
Amina Mujahid חודש לפני
Notification on from the first day I subscribed❤ Love u guys soo much❤💫 U both are mine fvrt💕
Syed Faizan Ahmed
Syed Faizan Ahmed חודש לפני
Hey your new viewer from pak ♥️ ♥️ I left smoking to see yours previous prank cig not important but the important person is your gf 😉
Albin Eriksson
Albin Eriksson חודש לפני
Love you guys hope you are well in this Times My notifications are on 💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💜
منوعات و افكار
منوعات و افكار חודש לפני
Make pranks
hiii u guysss
Mk. חודש לפני
notifications are on for almost 4 years now, love you guys!!
Kian Richmond
Kian Richmond חודש לפני
i’m so happy i’ve found you! i’m coming up to my 2nd year in july watching you! ❤️
Scarlett Clough
Scarlett Clough חודש לפני
I looked at the title and thought they where pregnant 😂
Arya Abhipsha
Arya Abhipsha חודש לפני
I think u guys should marry this year 😘😘 am eagerly waiting for it
Aira Amosin
Aira Amosin חודש לפני
me hearing the Philippines: UHM OMG THATS MY COUNTRY??? Lol
Dianne D
Dianne D חודש לפני
Please don't make promises you can't keep
Ann jimenez
Ann jimenez חודש לפני
I love your channel and vlogs so so much. #notificationsarealwayson. Sending you lots of love from BRISBANE AUSTRALIA
Alek anderson
Alek anderson חודש לפני
i remember when yall started dating and she was outta ur league but now its kinda flipped
RobloX KinG
RobloX KinG חודש לפני
love you guysssss
Hanna Barr
Hanna Barr חודש לפני
Notifications on always love you guys so much ❤️
Vilisha Sawant
Vilisha Sawant חודש לפני
You'll are my fav😭♥️ love you'll
Arley Peacock
Arley Peacock חודש לפני
Can’t wait to see the merch
Presley Trevino
Presley Trevino חודש לפני
Notifications are on!!! Love you guys
Anam Khan
Anam Khan חודש לפני
Guys...u need to shoot new intro..I would love to see your new intro😘❤️.. blessings
Weirdo חודש לפני
ahhh, growing up with you guys and looking back 4 years is insane!!! Can't wait to see what 2021 brings us :)))) (entered the giveaway)
Melina Estrada
Melina Estrada חודש לפני
Elijah’s Van Halen shirt👏🏽
Navreet kaur
Navreet kaur חודש לפני
Notifications are on, I love you guys so much
renin3 3799
renin3 3799 חודש לפני
Am I the only one who's heart is skipping a beat each time Elijah collide the air pods together 🤣😭 that sound hahaha
Breanna Ashcraft
Breanna Ashcraft חודש לפני
Wish you the best ❤
4ever jimenez
4ever jimenez חודש לפני
when they said 2020 is behind us they put there hands to the side and front so its not over
It’sJJworld חודש לפני
I haven’t watch them in forever and I’m so happy I sm
rina raffi
rina raffi חודש לפני
Happy 2021 to you both maddie and elijah
rina raffi
rina raffi חודש לפני
Hey right elijah me and you have the same birthday lol happy birthday to you how old are you turning elijah ?? I'm turning 24 omg
rina raffi
rina raffi חודש לפני
I hope it's much better
rina raffi
rina raffi חודש לפני
Maddie joes your lips ?? and elijah how's under your eyes ??
rina raffi
rina raffi חודש לפני
When I see cotton candy things I think of you maddie
rina raffi
rina raffi חודש לפני
Haha everyone knows maddie is in love with cotton candy
Taylor Allison
Taylor Allison חודש לפני
Did Maddy get her hair cut about a week ago?? It seems a little shorter than she normally keeps it?? I think it is supper cute though.
Ava Stone
Ava Stone חודש לפני
I really need air pod prose
Owl_Foxlover157 חודש לפני
I have been subscribed to the maddie and elijah channel for three years now i love you guys so much notifications on for many years to come
Aliza Khar
Aliza Khar חודש לפני
Notifications on love ya guys ❤️❤️
silke verschueren
silke verschueren חודש לפני
Hey, I’ve got my post notifications on for over a year now! I’ve also sent you both a ig dm for the giveaway! I love you guys so so much! 💗💗💗
Allison Denney
Allison Denney חודש לפני
Notifications are in 💕 love watching you guys
nathan thorpe
nathan thorpe חודש לפני
We are in teir 4 lockdown
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