Dying My Hair DARK and Surprising My Boyfriend...

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Maddie and Elijah

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I dyed my hair without anyone knowing and surprised Elijah hahaha! Hair by @hair_by_lolo on IG!
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Maddie Joy
Maddie Joy חודש לפני
I can’t believe I really did it 😳😳
Natalie Ring
Natalie Ring חודש לפני
Maddie joy what color should I dye my dark brown hair. And what should I do with my long straight hair. Please answer
Natalie Ring
Natalie Ring חודש לפני
@Kayla Glentworth what color should I dye my hair if it is dark brown. And what should I do with my long straight hair
Natalie Ring
Natalie Ring חודש לפני
@Paige Walters what color should I dye my hair. It is dark brown. What should I do with my long straight hair
Natalie Ring
Natalie Ring חודש לפני
Please someone reply toy 2 questions
Natalie Ring
Natalie Ring חודש לפני
Please someone reply
Inesha Sehgal
Inesha Sehgal 5 ימים לפני
Macha is a type of detox tea 🍵
Inesha Sehgal
Inesha Sehgal 5 ימים לפני
Hua is such a mood.....she barks only after Elijah tells her to 😂❤️
CountryTownSounds 7 ימים לפני
11:05 who is whistling?? Hair looks amazing 👏 😍
Mairead Leonard
Mairead Leonard 21 יום לפני
Love your hair Maddie
Misturah Sonaike
Misturah Sonaike 24 ימים לפני
you look sooo good it's really prettyyy!
Amber 26 ימים לפני
I thought the lavender shirt looked way better with the darker hair girl! 😍
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 28 ימים לפני
Wow 🤩
Meghan Boyle
Meghan Boyle חודש לפני
The biggest thing tho is that he noticed😂😂most guys don’t notice
Bushra חודש לפני
I really want you to do this💕👌
Tajwar Adil
Tajwar Adil חודש לפני
SOOO mesmerizing and amazing
Nazi Ash
Nazi Ash חודש לפני
It looks wow🤩
Ultra beauty Queen
Ultra beauty Queen חודש לפני
you look stunning whatever colour you go
Leah grace Fecteau
Leah grace Fecteau חודש לפני
Nice hair it’s looks so pretty
Samanzar Islam
Samanzar Islam חודש לפני
girl u look stunning ❤ notifications always on 🔔💜 #teammaddieandelijah
Lindsey Lucy
Lindsey Lucy חודש לפני
You looks amazing with dark hair Maddie!!
07 Miyanti Sonawane XF
07 Miyanti Sonawane XF חודש לפני
notifications are on ..........love u guyss.......love from india
Clarice Leavitt
Clarice Leavitt חודש לפני
bruh i live all the way upnin the state maine and we dont have a star bucks 😑😓😭
Jessica Dunsmuire
Jessica Dunsmuire חודש לפני
I think you look so beautiful with both blonde and brown iam so jealous
Alexis Langford
Alexis Langford חודש לפני
I’m confused. How were you at the salon in jeans and got home and walked into the house with fuzzy pants 😂
Shea Vincent
Shea Vincent חודש לפני
Love you guys! Maddie looks amazing with her new hair! btw matcha is a green tea
MommaTana חודש לפני
Notifications always on! I am inlove with Maddie's new hair! And Elijah's glasses look so good too!
Gowri PJ
Gowri PJ חודש לפני
Notification On....Love you Guys....Love from India❤
rina raffi
rina raffi חודש לפני
When did eljah get glasses ??
Quetzalli A Cuevas
Quetzalli A Cuevas חודש לפני
I went dark too
MissHasandie V
MissHasandie V חודש לפני
it's amazing queen xx
Madison Heavener
Madison Heavener חודש לפני
Matcha is green tea yall 😂
Cheyenne Smith
Cheyenne Smith חודש לפני
I don't like maddie but it's look nice
Robbie Morrison
Robbie Morrison חודש לפני
It looks good 😁
Kimberly Garnet
Kimberly Garnet חודש לפני
Love the dark hair color! Also, Matcha is a type of green tea 💚
Atika Ahmed
Atika Ahmed חודש לפני
Naira Manan
Naira Manan חודש לפני
It looks so good ❤❤❤❤❤
Uplifting Music
Uplifting Music חודש לפני
_danielacastro5 חודש לפני
WinterWolf XD
WinterWolf XD חודש לפני
The more I look at it the more I like it lmao idk but I think it suits you rlly good
WinterWolf XD
WinterWolf XD חודש לפני
Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder and it is also known to be very healthy and can positively impact your metabolism but ofc if you drink it constantly and just with hot water or a healthy milk and maybe stevia
Swanaza חודש לפני
Matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves, traditionally consumed in East Asia.
Anthony Vick
Anthony Vick חודש לפני
You look wayy different but wayyyyy better I love the dark hair on you both !
Mel Mons
Mel Mons חודש לפני
love your hair Maddie 😭🔥
Diana Rose Leparto
Diana Rose Leparto חודש לפני
Hi Maddie and Elijah! Been seeing your videos on Facebook and now after seeing that vid where you read hate comments about Mad, I felt the urge to see you on YT to say you're beautiful, Mad and you two look good together. 🥰
britney baween
britney baween חודש לפני
for what i know,matcha is kind of some spice / vegetable that is some kind spicy? 😂😂 idk how to explain it. well easier,ask Mr.Google 😂😂😂😂😂
Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes חודש לפני
Only this colour suits on you! You look pretty🌺
Lexi Lane
Lexi Lane חודש לפני
Maddies jawline is on fire 🔥😌 haha
Lexi Lane
Lexi Lane חודש לפני
matcha is green tea leaves 😂 she said mixed vegetables hahaha 😝
Lexi Lane
Lexi Lane חודש לפני
Elijah: I’m surprised she didn’t bark at you *starts barking immediately* 😂
Lexi Lane
Lexi Lane חודש לפני
Those shoes are dopeee😍 and I love the hair :)
Seerat Tiwana
Seerat Tiwana חודש לפני
It looks so goood💕💕💕
Bethany Barrett
Bethany Barrett חודש לפני
Matcha: powdered green tea leaves, dissolved in hot water to make tea or used as a flavoring.
Victoria Herrera
Victoria Herrera חודש לפני
Is your hair naturally curly?
alexis roberts
alexis roberts חודש לפני
I’m a manager at Dunkin and matcha is a green tea powered that is mixed with milk and some people add some other flavors tot he drink
Keeping Up With Ava
Keeping Up With Ava חודש לפני
Pin this is you love your fans
June Garcia
June Garcia חודש לפני
You look like my friend name Mariah
stephanieekham חודש לפני
It looks amazing & aww 9:54 when he kisses you
Brandy Johnson
Brandy Johnson חודש לפני
It’s cute! 😘😘
alivia parson
alivia parson חודש לפני
First of all, you are always gorgeous. But this hair color is YOUR COLOR. It brings out all your natural beauty gf!! I’m here for it!
Anna Cunningham
Anna Cunningham חודש לפני
Omg obsessed. It suits u so much better. U look beautiful whatever but brown is incredible xxxx
Gwen Guidry
Gwen Guidry חודש לפני
I think it’s a type of green tea.
Danielle Forero
Danielle Forero חודש לפני
Woah I haven’t watched Maddie and Elijah in months and damn, Elijah looks so different. I stopped watching around the time when Elijah started to workout at home. He looks like he lost so much weight and gained muscle. Happy for you☺️
Chrisy's Coffee Corner
Chrisy's Coffee Corner חודש לפני
I think I like it better than the blonde
Astro Leah
Astro Leah חודש לפני
I actually think it looks amazing Maddie! I love it!!💕✨🌸
R W חודש לפני
Matcha is concentrated green tea powder!
Nura AlQ
Nura AlQ חודש לפני
I was annoyed by her own BF giving her 8/10!! she looks better than she had before this hair color made her 10000 more beautiful i like it more than her blonde
Diba Ramezanzadeh
Diba Ramezanzadeh חודש לפני
10/10 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Diba Ramezanzadeh
Diba Ramezanzadeh חודש לפני
It looks amazing girl. U look soooooo beautiful 😍😍😍
iikazoo חודש לפני
noooo brown looks amazing with pastel colors even the lavender color it looked so good !
Annette Orozco
Annette Orozco חודש לפני
Pretty girl 😍😍😍
Kavya Petkar
Kavya Petkar חודש לפני
That looks so beautiful , your hairs omg , I love it
Jessica Nadar
Jessica Nadar חודש לפני
You look amazingly beautiful with this hair , I'm obsessed with your personality now😩😩❤❤
Jocelyn cooper
Jocelyn cooper חודש לפני
Just wear all black goth
Alexis Owen
Alexis Owen חודש לפני
I love it 😁
Jaclyn S
Jaclyn S חודש לפני
Jenny Bub
Jenny Bub חודש לפני
Everyone talking about Elijah's reaction Me: hua's reaction in everything 6:58
ally miller
ally miller חודש לפני
Love your hair it looks sooo good maddie! Elijah reaction was so cuteee! Your hair looked good with the lavender shirt! Notification are on love you guys so much!!!🥺❤️
Shianna Cumberledge
Shianna Cumberledge חודש לפני
It looks so good maddie and i love my hair better dark also but i dyed it so much dark brown that i aint dying it anymore lol i dont wanna kill my hair 🤣
rosa thirion
rosa thirion חודש לפני
Matcha is like a green tea 🍵
Alyssa Haro
Alyssa Haro חודש לפני
Yesssss I love her new hair 💕
Phibie Zino
Phibie Zino חודש לפני
it looks amazing!! 😍
Cat Valentine
Cat Valentine חודש לפני
Tony Lopez
Tony Lopez חודש לפני
You both are MATCHING
Sasha Gonzales
Sasha Gonzales חודש לפני
Looks so much better than the blonde
Elana Basim
Elana Basim חודש לפני
It looks really good with the dark hair. You rock it Maddie! :)
Siera Porpiglia
Siera Porpiglia חודש לפני
matcha is green tea leaves made into a powder
ocian suarez
ocian suarez חודש לפני
bruh i just saw the hate full comments and i was like what the f*ck Elijah is not fat at all and if u think he is fat your just to skinny and Maddie it beautiful like whatttt.yall tripping.
Elyssa Mae Lagunday
Elyssa Mae Lagunday חודש לפני
Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves, traditionally consumed in East Asia. The green tea plants used for matcha are shade-grown for three to four weeks before harvest; the stems and veins are removed during processing ❤️😊
My Life
My Life חודש לפני
You look much butter
Mariza Κaratsa
Mariza Κaratsa חודש לפני
its so amazingggg
Shannon Kember
Shannon Kember חודש לפני
Matcha is green tea leaves and it’s meant to be really good for you :)
Mickaye Ompad
Mickaye Ompad חודש לפני
Maddieee looks cuteeeee 😍😍😍😍
Sh4wn. K
Sh4wn. K חודש לפני
I love ittttt❤️
Preksha Trivedi
Preksha Trivedi חודש לפני
Elijah looks much better than he used to look in middle 😍
T E חודש לפני
You should definitely cut your hair short it would look so good ok you!!!! ♥️♥️
Faria Aziz
Faria Aziz חודש לפני
This hair color looks so Natural because your eyebrows are also in this color 👍
Sandeep Kaur
Sandeep Kaur חודש לפני
U are looking beautiful sis , literally u are looking gorgeous
Annelien Engelbrecht
Annelien Engelbrecht חודש לפני
notifications always on!! love you guys❤🤗
Tenzing Namka
Tenzing Namka חודש לפני
So much better than the previous hair colour. You look amazing❤️
Sonia Boutin
Sonia Boutin חודש לפני
I think 🤔 matcha is a herb 🌿
Jessica Davies
Jessica Davies חודש לפני
I love your new hair maddie it looks so pretty on you . Do you thing blond would look cute under my brown hair ? Notifications on love you 😘
Kezzel Dannah Napawit
Kezzel Dannah Napawit חודש לפני
matcha is tea
Agz חודש לפני
Matcha is green tea powder guyssss bahaha and it's really healthy so good choice hehe ;) your hair looks amazing btw Maddie omg !!
Alyssa Quaid
Alyssa Quaid חודש לפני
Beautiful maddie I absolutely love it :)
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