How My Boyfriend REALLY Acts Off Camera...*HIDDEN CAMERA*

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Maddie and Elijah

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I secretly filmed Elijah showing his true self... Only I have seen this side of him! I can't believe he let me post this.. What do you think?! - Download BIGO LIVE App using the link, follow our BIGO ID - maddieandelijah and join our lives this month.
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Maddie and Elijah
Maddie and Elijah חודש לפני
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Danielle Bennis
Danielle Bennis 20 ימים לפני
Maddie you should do this to show us how he is with Hua off camera.
Mahek Bhagchandani
Mahek Bhagchandani חודש לפני
Couldn't not!! I hope you see my comment on your post someday. I love you guys 💕🤩
queen leon
queen leon חודש לפני
I love the real you it's better aND cute towards maddie
queen leon
queen leon חודש לפני
Push ups jajajja 😆🤣 😆😂
queen leon
queen leon חודש לפני
Take a napi 😆🤣 🤣😆 this video is so cute and silly
Treshia Mae Hiyas
Treshia Mae Hiyas 4 ימים לפני
Where can we find a man like ELIJAHHHHHH??????
Khushi Agarwal
Khushi Agarwal 8 ימים לפני
Elijah you're literally the best 🥺❤️
Aldane Robinson
Aldane Robinson 10 ימים לפני
Such a simp😂😂😂😂but it's ok he's showing love
Hayley Strassel
Hayley Strassel 14 ימים לפני
90% of guys talk in a baby voice w their girls haha
Hayley Strassel
Hayley Strassel 14 ימים לפני
i don’t like when guys act like they’re so tough like who cares ???
Hayley Strassel
Hayley Strassel 14 ימים לפני
all guys hate showing their soft side with their s.o. they’re so weird idk why
Ayushi Singh
Ayushi Singh 17 ימים לפני
Aww why elIjah being so cute in this vid 😭💗
Millie Tulloch
Millie Tulloch 19 ימים לפני
Flower?🥺 it’s for you 😂
Danielle Bennis
Danielle Bennis 20 ימים לפני
Elijah you are such a teddy bear so dont be embarrassed. I laughed when maddie said "dont shush me".
bri arthaud
bri arthaud 22 ימים לפני
Maddie and Elijah this video was so cute Maddie. I love sleepy and cuddly Elijah. Love you guys so much and little Hua too.
njogu Alice
njogu Alice 28 ימים לפני
Aww that's so sweet of him 😍😍
Tajwar Adil
Tajwar Adil חודש לפני
Sooooooooo CUTE!!!!!! Im new subscriber HI!
Tyisha Jones
Tyisha Jones חודש לפני
Elijah should grow his beard out for two weeks for a video
content creator
content creator חודש לפני
I wish you become a muslim
Elyce Jade
Elyce Jade חודש לפני
This is so sweet 💕
Lea Marye
Lea Marye חודש לפני
My boyfriend is such a big baby when he’s sleepy omg
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton חודש לפני
Awww this was hilarious 😂
Pooja Bk
Pooja Bk חודש לפני
EVERY gurl acts like a mother n every guy acts like a child When they are with right💛❤️
karnika bhushan
karnika bhushan חודש לפני
eliajah is so cute
Dale Draper
Dale Draper חודש לפני
omfg i died laughing so hard especially when he started saying im so hard LMFAO, n when he did push ups. lol i cant. mad respect bro nothing wrong with this at all im the same when i have a gf too.
Landen Craven
Landen Craven חודש לפני
I love your videos and you by
Some body
Some body חודש לפני
"But it's like only with you" Special person inside of another's heart❤❤ I hope one-day I will have that in my life ..
Bree Mae
Bree Mae חודש לפני
Maddie we be twining with the target pink tie die tank top
Patience Patience
Patience Patience חודש לפני
It's not his fault Most ILforrs who're like that with their girl are being labeled as gay
krishna Kp
krishna Kp חודש לפני is cute af
Sahrin Jahan
Sahrin Jahan חודש לפני
Wow girl😍 he's really cute. Can u borrow me your boyfriend for once? Cause mine's very rude, he never cuddle with so sweetly. 😢
Nishita Singh
Nishita Singh חודש לפני
Oh man i have all your notifications on ..... Showering you with lots of love from india and elijah i am in literally in love with you , u are such a cutie ❤️❤️❤️❤️ i loved the way you said nappy so cuteee awwww
Sarah Afrin
Sarah Afrin חודש לפני
He is sooo cute ❤️❤️❤️
Nik Aquarius girl
Nik Aquarius girl חודש לפני
My forever favourite couple
eminnemily חודש לפני
This is how my boyfriend is too. The second I record him he jumps up and is like “BRO WTF!” And tries to act hard 😂😂
Nickhala Douglas
Nickhala Douglas חודש לפני
It's adorable Elijah guys are both amazing 👌🏽
icha Cantika
icha Cantika חודש לפני
The fact that Elijah is a sweet guy even though not in the front of camera
ella loan
ella loan חודש לפני
Mrittika Ghosh
Mrittika Ghosh חודש לפני
It was sooooooo Elijah's reaction after seeing the camera.......
Mrittika Ghosh
Mrittika Ghosh חודש לפני
love you guys from India....Very very sorry for being too much late....
Annika Reed
Annika Reed חודש לפני
“I’m hard” iykyk haha this was so cute though
anrafieqah חודש לפני
itss shooo cute
Sana ka Dastarkhan
Sana ka Dastarkhan חודש לפני
Awww lots of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️
beans חודש לפני
I subscribe
katherine Rayner
katherine Rayner חודש לפני
I agree there's nothing wrong with that my Husband's like that with me
katherine Rayner
katherine Rayner חודש לפני
Hi I'm Katherine Raynery notifications are on
Peres Noutchie
Peres Noutchie חודש לפני
Shes copying Elija's exposure vid, except it's an ENTIRE vid
Peres Noutchie
Peres Noutchie חודש לפני
Sorry Maddie, no more cuddles........really sorry
Peres Noutchie
Peres Noutchie חודש לפני
You did NOT post this lol❤ Elija u really allowed hee to post, ok
Andrea Espada
Andrea Espada חודש לפני
I want to meet you guys 1 day
Ana OB
Ana OB חודש לפני
This is how my bf is with me and I love it! It’s so cute when boys do this 🥺❤️ it makes us feel loved, Elijah has nothing to be ashamed of
Omar Rahman
Omar Rahman חודש לפני
Love form Sylhet Bangladesh bro
Tanner Fox
Tanner Fox חודש לפני
Hey Maddie and Elijah I love you so much and I’m sorry for missing the videos I’m watching the videos right now . I just wanted to say that I have all my notifications are so on.
Jamie Pena
Jamie Pena חודש לפני
notifications are on ❤️ love you guys 💕
Jill durham
Jill durham חודש לפני
Elijah don't feel embarrassed. Your girlfriend Maddie wants to prove just how you fantastic you treat her off Camera. Please your a real man
Jill durham
Jill durham חודש לפני
Elijah: I'm too Old to drink Coffee Me: I am 5 years older than you and drink coffee.
Ai So
Ai So חודש לפני
It was very cute I'm swear and nothing's wrong with that tho ..admit it every man becomes a baby with his lover
Sahara Ballew
Sahara Ballew חודש לפני
Notifications on!!!!
GzMAMA חודש לפני
Watches 10 seconds in...... clicks off to watch ken dearra instead
Nicole Ray
Nicole Ray חודש לפני
This is so cute. Elijah my boyfriend does the same thing. Trust me it is so cute to see the "soft" side of you.
KAYPAPANGET Vlog חודש לפני
Love you guys
Ashli חודש לפני
Nothing is wrong for being like that we all are humans and sometimes as girls feel like they want to be hold, caressed, protected boys can feel it too it’s fine it’s really adorable tbh, you guys don’t have to act tough everyone has emotions and we understand it😇❤️ your baby voice is adorable Elijah 🥺
Melanie Peterkin
Melanie Peterkin חודש לפני
He was so cute omg, my fiancé is the same way lol
tulsi roy
tulsi roy חודש לפני
So Elijah is becoming maddie and maddie is becoming Elijah? I like it❤
Jackson Darden
Jackson Darden חודש לפני
I love you guys and all your content notification on ❤️
Alisha S
Alisha S חודש לפני
Elijah is SO cute 🥺🥺🥺
Jacob Hughes
Jacob Hughes חודש לפני
For a minute I thought that this is what the video was coming to
Aney Kurd
Aney Kurd חודש לפני
Elijah you are so sweet 😍love from pakistan
Aney Kurd
Aney Kurd חודש לפני
So sweet elijah😍
Giavonni Wise
Giavonni Wise חודש לפני
But I don't
Giavonni Wise
Giavonni Wise חודש לפני
I get you elijah I cannot have a boyfriend and my sisters say I have a crush
Maddie XXX
Maddie XXX חודש לפני
Most guys are like this when they’re just with their girl he literally has nothing to be embarrassed about lol it’s actually adorable
Delusion Town
Delusion Town חודש לפני
*Your such a baby 😂* *mmm-mm😤*
D.A. K.S.H
D.A. K.S.H חודש לפני
Admit it Elijah,u love being "baby" 😂😆
Jamyang Gurung
Jamyang Gurung חודש לפני
No Elijah, you are cute. You don't have to be embarrassed. I love you!!
Mahrou Tabesh
Mahrou Tabesh חודש לפני
What is there to be embarrassed about?! ❤️
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones חודש לפני
Reminds me of that one video where the guy is playing 2k and his girl is like “say goodbye” “tell your friends goodbye” and he doesn’t want to get off because “they gonna flame for this tomorrow, they gonna flame me so hard for this” and then his player just disconnects 😂
Anushka Peerthee
Anushka Peerthee חודש לפני
Elijah is such a gentleman and Maddie is my all time favorite.. I can watch her 24/7 😂 Post notifations is on since 3yrs love you guys xoxo ❤️
Khyati Pareek
Khyati Pareek חודש לפני
It's okay Lijh, you're adorable! Don't be embarrassed, we love you and it's totally normal!
Khyati Pareek
Khyati Pareek חודש לפני
He's so cute omg ❤️
ilove2 read
ilove2 read חודש לפני
There is a whole different side to a man that they don't want others to see. I love that side to my husband and I love it so much.
angel oliveras
angel oliveras חודש לפני
Elijah: no more cuddle Maddie‘s reaction: Literally everyone: I felt that
liv nelson
liv nelson חודש לפני
Every guy is like this with their partner☺️ it’s so cute
vanshita malik
vanshita malik חודש לפני
nancy katal
nancy katal חודש לפני
He's so cute 🥺❤
Tae hyung
Tae hyung חודש לפני
This is so cute.. I love how he treats you...
Danna Perez
Danna Perez חודש לפני
He's the best for youuuuuuuu!!! Marry this man, &&& never let him goooooooo.
Danna Perez
Danna Perez חודש לפני
THAT WAS SOOO CUTEEE!!! I can't, I love Elijah even more. He's sooo good to you. :)))))))) Couple goalsss
Dhairya Shah
Dhairya Shah חודש לפני
Elijah is a cutieeeeeeeeeee cutieeeeeeeee pieeeeeeeeeeee😍😍😍😍😍❤️
aboring human
aboring human חודש לפני
Crying in single 😭💔
Liam Ortendahl
Liam Ortendahl חודש לפני
it,s all rite
Nafisa Prapti
Nafisa Prapti חודש לפני
He is the cutest ❤❤
srihitha חודש לפני
These both!!!!!the cutest couple I've ever seen❤❤
Betsy Liskovec
Betsy Liskovec חודש לפני
Don't be embarrassed you have a soft side for the one you love, there is nothing wrong with it ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Tess Mcclennan
Tess Mcclennan חודש לפני
this is literally my boyfriend 😂😂
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa חודש לפני
I don't understand the need to do some push up, it's like the society made a figure of what a man should act/be. That is sad to be "ashamed" showing the soft side of his personality, because in reality it's beautiful and this is something to be proud of! Long life to you guys, full of love -
•Brookie •
•Brookie • חודש לפני
Pallavi Nagesh
Pallavi Nagesh חודש לפני
This was soo cute Men should keep in touch with their emotions and its absolutely normal and it doesn't make you less manly at all
hailie young
hailie young חודש לפני
Madddiieee is all with the pranks this week😂😂
Tayyaba Khalid
Tayyaba Khalid חודש לפני
Omg! Maddie trust me you’re the luckiest!🥺❤️
Loisi Ralte
Loisi Ralte חודש לפני
Oh Mai God .... He's soooo cuteeee
Hana Haskeen
Hana Haskeen חודש לפני
Omg they are sooooo cute
Phyllis Sanders
Phyllis Sanders חודש לפני
Don't be embarrassed that just shows how much u love her who cares what other people think truth be known your friends probably does the same thing with their girls if they care anthin at all for them
franchesca garcia
franchesca garcia חודש לפני
Omg so cute elijah 🧡🧡🧡 Big baby
Gina b
Gina b חודש לפני
Pretending To Be A Sugar Daddy To My Girlfriend... *SHOCKING*
Maddie and Elijah
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