We do this every time the camera turns off...

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Maddie and Elijah

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This is what we really do when we turn the camera off!

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Faze Rainbow
Faze Rainbow 6 ימים לפני
awsome video guys thumbs up and shared
Real FUN
Real FUN 14 ימים לפני
Where is your blue light painting
Jamie Ashton
Jamie Ashton 16 ימים לפני
Very good vlog ☺️
Alyssa Rose
Alyssa Rose 21 יום לפני
I would get a bigger fan like a box fan if that is the fan in your guy's room. I have one in my dorm it is a life saver. Also cool towls from me nards are awesome! Love you guys!
Mahrou Tabesh
Mahrou Tabesh 25 ימים לפני
@mad u pluck in the wrong direction, that’s why it hurts so bad. Try to move your hand tangent to the face and pluck in the direction of the hair stem
Brenda Lee
Brenda Lee 26 ימים לפני
I do that to my boyfriend and he does the same thing 😂
Robbie Morrison
Robbie Morrison 27 ימים לפני
Good job Elijah keep up the hard work
Dallas Mcgrady
Dallas Mcgrady 29 ימים לפני
hey, you guys should watch Isaac Butterfield. if you don't know who he is he is an Australian comedian and he is very funny. just be careful if you get offended easily cuz he swears a lot but since I'm from Australia, which is where he lives as well you'll have to watch him on ILfor. just saying this cuz of you going to Joe Rogan
Mysterious Creepy Weirdo
Mysterious Creepy Weirdo חודש לפני
Is it just me or did anybody else hear as when Elijah was said abs lmao
Courtney Paull
Courtney Paull חודש לפני
I loved this video! Glad you had a good time at the show. 😍 Can you please do an update about the paranormal things you were experiencing? 🥰 I love you both so much! 💝
Marissa Grimes
Marissa Grimes חודש לפני
New car?
Kayla Bushey
Kayla Bushey חודש לפני
I'm subscribed and post notifications are on, I love you so much Maddie Elijah and Hua ❤
nathalie s
nathalie s חודש לפני
vides only love ya'll!!!
Aoibhin Maguire
Aoibhin Maguire חודש לפני
Elijah I would love for you to do videos on your channel about her health and getting fit journey. Or even tips about how to maintain consistency or stuff like that would be so cool
Ashley Johs
Ashley Johs חודש לפני
Notifications are on! Your videos always make my day better!! Thank you for never failing to make me laugh!! Love you guys!!
Mahima Singhal
Mahima Singhal חודש לפני
Notifications are on 👍❤
Jennifer Watts
Jennifer Watts חודש לפני
We don't know what yall do when the cameras aren't running
guy craft
guy craft חודש לפני
Jeni rechu
Jeni rechu חודש לפני
Jeni rechu
Jeni rechu חודש לפני
@Manoj okay bye da
hanya owais
hanya owais חודש לפני
notifications are on love u both sm
Elijah Franklin
Elijah Franklin חודש לפני
Turned notifications on
Gabby Haller
Gabby Haller חודש לפני
Love you guys so much when are you guys going have the new merch
Mankiran Kamaal
Mankiran Kamaal חודש לפני
Mankiran Kamaal
Mankiran Kamaal חודש לפני
Mankiran Kamaal
Mankiran Kamaal חודש לפני
Mankiran Kamaal
Mankiran Kamaal חודש לפני
Mankiran Kamaal
Mankiran Kamaal חודש לפני
Mankiran Kamaal
Mankiran Kamaal חודש לפני
Maddie had you ever been to sephora
unu rana
unu rana חודש לפני
It's 111 Fahrenheit where I live and we use only fans (AC at night) as electricity is very expensive here.
Insomniac_z34 חודש לפני
Bro its so hard to not stare at her forehead everytime she talks its like half of her face
Lulu Men
Lulu Men חודש לפני
I was expecting a explicit video ethereays I love this surprise on elite ik Mads is all in love with this guy
Mankiran Kamaal
Mankiran Kamaal חודש לפני
Had you heard of a girl that went missing her name is Gabrielle petito 22 years old
Mark G Leahy
Mark G Leahy חודש לפני
You are amazing
Nafeesa Muhammed
Nafeesa Muhammed חודש לפני
You guys make my day so happy.. Thank you guys.. Love you guys.. My all support is only for you two.. Notifications are always on
Ethan Carberry-Holt
Ethan Carberry-Holt חודש לפני
You guys seen the Lucifer musical episode? It's hilarious and they sing one of my fave tunes
JADE L חודש לפני
bruh when youre out of content...
Coochie Man
Coochie Man חודש לפני
Why are all your videos the same 😂
malin חודש לפני
Notifications are on!! Love you guys
Mahi Khan
Mahi Khan חודש לפני
Ur videos makes my day keep going on😍😍
Khyati Pareek
Khyati Pareek חודש לפני
I am so proud of Elijah! You go man! And I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! P.S. I hope everything is ok with Hua and the paranormal situation.
norhana amil
norhana amil חודש לפני
you two are so cute love you guy's notification is on
Kami_11_ חודש לפני
You guys should bring back the mukbangs and do a Starbucks drink mukbang!
Jennifer Watts
Jennifer Watts חודש לפני
Ooh la la way to go hey my dentist said no cavities today hey
Terri Lapointe
Terri Lapointe חודש לפני
Maddie, after you pluck put your finger on the spot you pluck for a few seconds. It takes away the pain. My hairdresser use to do it for me. It’s amazing an it works. Love you both! I follow you and have watched most all of your videos. 🙋🏻‍♀️❤️
tahir kemal
tahir kemal חודש לפני
This is why there's not one video that never fails to make me laugh or smile, can't thank the both of you's enough, love you both she is so beautiful looking so miss you she is my best friend my sweet heart❤️❤️❤️❤️you are so funny
Natasha Lewis
Natasha Lewis חודש לפני
You like do the camera front off people on ILfor
Hmingi varte Varte
Hmingi varte Varte חודש לפני
Bisma Farhan
Bisma Farhan חודש לפני
Love you guys ❤️ My fav people ❣️ Notifications are on 💕 #teammaddieandelijah
Ori חודש לפני
I dreamt of Maddie
princezzdaniella חודש לפני
Maddie do ur skincare routine on ur separate channel ! I’m kinda in the middle of the video
Ravishan Yasas
Ravishan Yasas חודש לפני
Wow you guys watch Lucifer the is my favourite session ever good luck with your body transmission Elijah's is great looking good job by the way and my notification is on love you guys I'm for Sri Lanka!🇱🇰
Anthony Hologounis
Anthony Hologounis חודש לפני
Looks like fun
Mubs Transport for London Uk
Mubs Transport for London Uk חודש לפני
Very nice video
Zaytunah Ridwan
Zaytunah Ridwan חודש לפני
love your guys videos so much
Sai Teja
Sai Teja חודש לפני
Hey Maddie and elijah tons of love from india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Jhanvi Vlogs
Jhanvi Vlogs חודש לפני
Notifications are on and always will be on,love you guys🥰🥰😁
J C חודש לפני
Has anything else been going on with the paranormal stuff? You guys stopped talking about it so hopefully everything is better now!
TJRXiscool😎 חודש לפני
My Post notifications have been on for years now 🥰😊hope I get a shout out❤Love y'all
Poppy Peppito
Poppy Peppito חודש לפני
Next video: dress up as Peppa Pig
Alex Livingston
Alex Livingston חודש לפני
I love u guys so much u both are the cutest 😂💕💕❤️
Sumi Roy
Sumi Roy חודש לפני
I just love these kind of chill videos! Love y'all❤ Notifications are on and always will be on❤
Meraro Okoro
Meraro Okoro חודש לפני
Notifications are always on love u guys so much
Sabrinaaah Xo
Sabrinaaah Xo חודש לפני
Love you guys you seriously make my day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️maddie your so beautiful too
Angus Slack
Angus Slack חודש לפני
I think you need to change your intro. Might help with views
Kenzie Simmons
Kenzie Simmons חודש לפני
So since they haven’t posted about the ghost situation in 3 months, was that all for the views?
phoemela costura
phoemela costura חודש לפני
heyyo wassup
heyyo wassup חודש לפני
why is Maddie complaining? she literally loves heat wtf?
Tamara Harvey
Tamara Harvey חודש לפני
Maddie doing Elijah’s eyebrows is girlfriend material 👌😍 Notifications on for ages. Love you guys xx
ArrowPlusHeart28 💙💚
ArrowPlusHeart28 💙💚 חודש לפני
I just love how you can be so open towards us and show us that you're... just like us? Yay surprise ☺ But srsly, believing that other ppl on the internet have it so much better than you can get you down and thinking that you're missing out on so much in life. Maybe that's why you're so likeable 🤙💖 Also, jeez Louise. If I didn't know any better, I'd say your house is haunted or someone cast a spell. Hope it all gets sorted out pretty soon and you can start leading a normal life again without everything going berseck! Love you guys sm and YES, the current AHS is insane and I'm so glad it's back now ❤
Luciferpuz חודש לפני
i love u guys
Kaitlin Andrews
Kaitlin Andrews חודש לפני
I have had no internet for about a month now and i still have a way to watch you guys xx my notifications are on as always
Kaitlin Andrews
Kaitlin Andrews חודש לפני
Love you guys sm
Frank Zamora
Frank Zamora חודש לפני
Did you guys buy a new car? Looks nice on the inside. And haha i get it when Maddie said " we have so many fans " 😂
Jade Landy
Jade Landy חודש לפני
You guys are lit love you guys so much you are my vibes notifications are always going to be on 😘❤
pothuraju udayakiran
pothuraju udayakiran חודש לפני
Hi Maddie &Elijah nice video I love you guys 💖💖💖💖💖
Till Eternity
Till Eternity חודש לפני
I love your videos guys! Love from Sri Lanka.
Callum Stevenson
Callum Stevenson חודש לפני
I love you maddie and Eliiah so much and you are so gorgeous and lovely strong beautiful ILfor star couple ever so much and you are my biggest best favourite ILfor couple ever so much and I love you hua so much and I loved your ILfor videos is very Amazing and so beautiful and gorgeous biggest best favourite ILfor couple ever so much xxxxxxxxx
rameen tariq
rameen tariq חודש לפני
Is a notification shoutout too much to ask for🥺🥺 Love you guys!!
Laura Search
Laura Search חודש לפני
Notifications are on 💞
Jamie Pena
Jamie Pena חודש לפני
notifications are on 💕 love you guys and hua🤍
kalai חודש לפני
I'm your big fan from india ......love you Elijah and maddie ....love from india😘😘😘😘😍😍
Alina Unnisa
Alina Unnisa חודש לפני
You both are the bestttt😍
Pretty Boy
Pretty Boy חודש לפני
Jessica Morton
Jessica Morton חודש לפני
Really enjoyed the vlog
Fareha חודש לפני
Notifications are on❤️
Exzekial Roberts
Exzekial Roberts חודש לפני
have u watch fear factor joe rogen was the host of that show and he had hair 😂 me and my fam used to watch it all the time I highly recommend it
liz brown
liz brown חודש לפני
You should try using the blue bottle of ponds moisturizer before you pluck the hair! I hate plucking my eyebrows too but when I put the moisturizer before plucking it softens the skin and makes it not hurt at all! Love you guys!❤️❤️
Tina Malik
Tina Malik חודש לפני
We need a new intro🥲bored with that one
Ȋ̈saiah חודש לפני
Question … when is the new intro comin please I’m just askin 👀
Jell Sanchi
Jell Sanchi חודש לפני
Same 👍
Nijanshee Babaria
Nijanshee Babaria חודש לפני
U guys r the cutest Love from India 🇮🇳 ♥️notifications are always on 😊
Patrick Palomares
Patrick Palomares חודש לפני
Best couple ❤️ hands up
Emeka Kalu
Emeka Kalu חודש לפני
Loved this video and I’m beyond proud of elijah and his progress!!
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson חודש לפני
Elijah u being a bit of a show off yes we see change funny🤣
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson חודש לפני
And 🤣
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson חודש לפני
I used to hate having my eyebrows plucked too mine like to get thick fast also
Kimberly Vivar
Kimberly Vivar חודש לפני
Hiiiiiiiiii I really hope I get a notification shout out one day🥺I have been watching your videos for 2 year's. I really love you guys, every single time I'm feeling down, I start watching y'all, you guys just make me happy :). So yea it would mean the world to me if you read or gave me a notification shout out. LOVE YOU GUYS❤(BTW I'm team #MADDIE ALL THE WAY SHEEEEEEEEEESH)sorry Elijah still love you tho lol ok byeeeeeeee tehe :) ♡♡♡
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson חודש לפני
Interesting is all I can say really I guess we all do come off some what different off camera too
Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker חודש לפני
That show looked so fun!! Love you guys!🤍
Karina Chavez
Karina Chavez חודש לפני
Yesss chill videos are the best 😋
Sky25 חודש לפני
Progress👏🏻 love you guys, keep being you❤️
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